Luxury cosmetics and organizational design

Organizational redesign of a luxury cosmetic multinational. Talent management model, structure and ways of working.


Adaptation of the organization of a global benchmark multinational to the digital age multiplying commitment, entrepreneurship and training.

A decoding of the organizational design first from the perspective of team capabilities, structure and ways of working both from the digital part and from Business As Usual. Also a review of job descriptions and career plans that allow adjustment. A program of adaptation of forms of work to the practical AGILE methodology is developed and positions are reassigned between the classic and digital departments.

The Challenge

The members of the innovation team have a level of dissatisfaction despite having developed an excellent and fast job in the development of the company’s digitization.

Both the team and the exponentially growing business face an internal cultural mismatch and fit into the traditional business. The company must properly orchestrate all its parts to continue meeting the demands of consumers.

The solution

Decode the organization and implement new structures, roles, ways of working and profiles

A new organizational design that affects its three components: how to organize, work and lead that substantially improves the performance of the company and employee metrics.

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