About us

Your partner for the digital age

Our ten-year journey in transformation projects of companies and organizations for the digital age supports us. We are one of the leading companies in business transformation, culture and innovation consulting.

Alberto Díaz is the founder of MIGRATION (Business & Organization), supported by an amazing group of people. He is also a co-founding partner of ISDI (Digital Talent) digital business school with a presence in Madrid, Barcelona, Mexico DF , Silicon Valley and Paris.

Pourquoi faire

  • Empower managers to deal with transformation
  • Improve the workplace for all team members
  • Achieve corporate goals

Savoir faire

  • Very solid track record  with top tier corporations
  • Successful proven methodologies 
  • Strong academic experience
  • Access to an extended (+5000) network

Savoir pourquoi

  • Better adapt to the digital era and disruptions
  • Improve stakeholders satisfaction in terms of value, wellness and overall sustainability



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