About us

Your partner for the digital age

Our track record of more than eleven years in innovation projects and transformation of companies and organizations for the digital era endorses us. We are one of the benchmark companies in innovation and transformation consulting.

We have never been a traditional consulting firm. We use a hybrid model that combines Migration consultants with proven experience together with a network of experts specialized in different specialities, tools and sectors. This allows for exceptional knowledge and execution. Our model allows us to invite experts from our network, qualified and with compliance requirements. In addition, we have an extensive network of senior advisors with management experience. Our network provides a timely, fresh and qualified perspective that helps to challenge reasoning and propose external views.

We are big fans of methodologies, whether they are our own developed through many years of management experience, from our own or external academic support or through methodologies created by and for entrepreneurs. We have a long tradition of interaction with the startup ecosystem. We believe that consulting recommendations must have a solid foundation that allows implementation within the client, scale and self-sufficiency so that, when we have left, the client can continue to deploy the project with autonomy. Opinionated and witticisms do not scale.

Our perspective of neutrality in our recommendations defined us from the beginning as a consulting firm that does not implement technological solutions. We believe that in this way we provide a more objective and transparent service to our clients. However, we do use technology intensively in projects (platforms, AI, cloud, etc), which allows us to do our job better and interact better with the client.

Alberto Diaz is the founder of Migraton (Business & Organization), supported by an amazing group of people. He is also a co-founding partner of the leading digital business school ISDI (Digital Talent) with presence in Madrid, Barcelona, Mexico City, Silicon Valley and Paris. He is a member of the editorial board of Harvard Deusto Business Review. Alberto leads most of the key projects and participates in many other follow-up meetings.


  • Help companies and managers to better adapt to the digital era and disruptions.
  • Improve stakeholder satisfaction in terms of value, well-being and overall sustainability.


  • Empower managers to manage constant innovation and transformation.
  • Improve the workplace for everyone in the company
  • Achieve corporate objectives


  • Strong track record with top-tier corporations
  • Proven successful methodologies
    Strong academic experience
  • Access to a network (+5000) in the innovation and transformation ecosystem.



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