Consumer goods and external innovation

Ideation, design and management of the benchmark external and collaborative innovation program of a leading international beverage company in Spain.


Successful management of the development and integration of external and collaborative innovation to the operations of a company of + € 1,000M

Conceptualization of the challenge of external innovation throughout the value chain and its integration into the business. Scouting of target startups at an international level and filtered by key criteria. Definition of business case for startup objectives and management of the acceleration, development or integration program to the business. End to end management of the entire project for five years with excellent results.

The Challenge

How to detect potential disruptors of the company’s value chain at an international level, especially startups with a technological bias, but also novel value proposals.

Through our research team, our extensive network in the startup ecosystem and investors, we are able to discover, contact, interact and assess start-up companies in any of their stages of development (seed, growth, etc.) according to the most appropriate fit. We develop among the MIGRATION team, selected expert mentors from our network and the company the process that guarantees the fit of innovation projects in the company’s operations

The solution

Creation of a recognizable brand (Barlab) that has already become an icon of external and collaborative innovation in Spain.

A startup detection mechanism open to the client as well as the entire selection and evaluation process that leads to a cultural change within the company towards entrepreneurship and collaborative innovation. More than 600 startups valued over five years and 20 of them working side by side with the company. Several of them capturing financing rounds, sold or turned into internal suppliers, as in the case of Polaroo, a company that optimizes the company’s general expenses and that has been incorporated into the Rentabilibar platform that serves the Horeca sector.

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