Pharmaceutical, digital transformation

Almirall's Digital Bootcamp, Ibex 35 Pharmacist. A program for a selection of executives in order to change ways of working through practice.


Pilot program with 70 employees selected from the HQ, determining factors in the company’s digital strategy.

New trends in the pharmaceutical industry as well as recent acquisitions of the company indicate that digital will be relevant in the marketing environment of the sector.

The Challenge

Design a program that, in addition to providing skills, creates a digital culture in the company.

The objectives of the Digital Bootcamp are: To provide employees with the skills and knowledge to work digitally oriented especially in commercial areas. In addition to starting to incorporate a digital culture throughout the organization, starting with this pilot program that accompanies the commercial strategy.

The solution

A pilot program at the national level that has been implemented at the European level.

A program of 9 face-to-face sessions of 4 hours each, scheduled every 15 days, with a duration of 6 months. 8 working groups were designed with quick deliveries (sprints) every 2 sessions on a project that will be presented to the MB. Sessions were taught in English.

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