Example 1: Digital culture

Building an organization for the digital age


Adapt talent and organization to new market challenges.

A division in full change of direction, decides to initiate a preliminary reflection on its organizational structure and the best practices to break departmental silos and optimize resources. Twelve 60-minute videoconferences are coordinated.

depth of field photography of man playing chess


A series of experts was identified with the perspective of transferring a quick and fresh vision around the innovation of services and the best processes:

HR and Talent experts in three similar FMCG organizations.

Training expert with relevant industry insights and similar processes.

Expert in Agile methodologies.


Best practices in the service sector.

The client quickly and efficiently gained a clear understanding of real-life examples of silo decommissioning and changing ways of working and leadership in companies in transition.

Project Leader: HR Partner Cost: € 10,000

Strategy and Organization to face a radical change in customer habits

Incorporation of external innovation in the company

Design and launch a relevant value proposition

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