"Quick expert knowledge for every manager"

Talk to experts and make decisions in a few weeks

We make it easy for you to talk with expert professionals about your company’s specific challenges for digital transformation. Solve doubts and make informed decisions in a fast and qualified way. We select, filter and coordinate conversations through videoconferences that we manage for you, ensuring their execution, efficiency and good judgment.

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An open, lightweight, accessible and effective format

  • xpDECISION is accessible to all management levels

  • We reach the right profiles through our extensive network in digital transformation and our management and consulting experience.

  • In a few weeks and with a limited budget, solve your doubts and make decisions.

Our mission

  • Empower executives to make fast and correct decisions in the digital age through expert and personalized knowledge.

  • Release expert knowledge and make it accessible to all decision makers in companies.

Why us?

  • Our experience in digital transformation consulting since 2011

  • Our knowledge from the real internal management of transformation processes

  • Our professional and academic network is of the highest level

Project profile

We define the profile of the project in one or more of our areas of action in order to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of interactions after defining questions and requirements.


We provide the appropriate profiles, “counselors” with proven experience in the area. Counselors are paid for their conversations that take place in environments of formalized confidentiality.

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Videoconference interviews

Videoconferences (3 to 5) of one hour are managed and controlled by us. We attend them, unless indicated, to extract a deliverable summary, give coherence to the entire process and provide criteria on digital transformation if required.

Conclusions and next steps

We value experience and results. We synthesize the learnings from the interviews and recommend next steps upon request.

Example 1

Building an organization for the digital age

Example 2

Strategy and Organization for a change in customer habits

Example 3

Incorporation of external innovation in the company

Example 4

Design and launch a relevant value proposition

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