Example 3: External innovation

Incorporation of external innovation in the company


The client, an insurance company, considers how it should incorporate innovation processes for the creation and development of new services and anticipate the changes and needs of the market and its clients.

It is being disintermediated by startups that capture customer base at its expense.

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A series of experts was identified with the perspective of transferring a quick and fresh vision around the innovation of services and the best processes.

In ten days, the client had five 60min videoconferences, including a transcription of the same, with:

Director of service innovation for a multinational financial services company.

Founders of startups in the industry.

Investment funds in startups. Corporate Venturing experts in companies of parallel industries.


Actionable Insight: Conversations with executives revealed the strengths and weaknesses of the current organization design.

Also the key elements for the detection, design and implementation of new innovative services for their end customers, with their corresponding new structures and processes.

Project Leader: Executive with presence in the Executive Committee Cost: € 5,000

Strategy and Organization to face a radical change in customer habits

Incorporation of external innovation in the company

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