Example 2: Digital strategy

Strategy and Organization to face a radical change in customer habits


Develop a strategy and actions according to the new habits of customers

A B2B company perceives that its customers are migrating to other solutions that take away business and value from the company.

worms eye view of buildings


Through five videoconferences, in this case anonymous and managed by our consultants.

With a duration of 60 min each for two weeks and with experts in strategy, digital technology and organization:

Experts in Marketing and Digital Strategy in two similar companies

HR Director in the process of cultural and organizational change

Experts in digital technology (CRM, platforms, integration, BI) providing industry insights and mistakes made in their processes.


The discussion and answers to the client’s questions with the experts, allowed him to better understand the context, choose the appropriate suppliers and be able to define a concrete strategy with specific actions regarding technology and organizational processes as well as a roadmap.

The client understood where the threats to their business were with respect to these competitors and what strategic routes would be the appropriate to develop to face the situation. Project Leader: Director of Digital Strategy Cost: € 4,000

Strategy and Organization to face a radical change in customer habits

Incorporation of external innovation in the company

Design and launch a relevant value proposition

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