Empowering the digital customer: an opportunity to market services

One of the biggest challenges an organisation can face is to move from selling products to selling services


The digital era has brought with it a huge range of technology platforms that have not only allowed us to modernise our processes, but also to obtain information about our customers that was previously unavailable to us. These users, who use these platforms on a regular basis, have become empowered, sharing with companies valuable data capable of changing the path of our business and including new value propositions.

We must bear in mind that one of the biggest challenges an organisation can face is to move from selling products to selling services. However, we must not forget that this is not only a challenge, but also a real opportunity that this digitalised era puts in our hands, turning us into organisations that are increasingly more informed and, consequently, capable of generating new processes and activities.

Connecting our business logic with our customers

To carry out this interesting transition, it is essential to use all these technological platforms to connect our business logic with our end customers. They are the ones who will provide us with the most interesting information, data capable of driving our business forward. The time has come to listen to our audiences through tools such as ecommerce, CRM or social networks, among many others.

This enormous amount of data we receive from our customers, their habits and preferences allows us to break down walls and limit or even eliminate intermediation processes. From now on, it can be our organisation that offers customers not only products, but services and experiences that allow them to enjoy those products. Information moves us forward, helps our business reach new heights and markets, and gives us a much wider reach. The feedback and data that comes from our customers is critical in a world where data is the whole.

In this way we see that one of the great opportunities of the digital economy is to incorporate the sale of services, thus adding value to our organisation and helping it to grow considerably.



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