100 + 100 day plan: External and collaborative innovation

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Assume that companies are not necessarily designed to take advantage of external innovation, which moves faster and in greater numbers compared to internally generated innovation. This is so because of the easy and cheap access to technology and knowledge that encourages entrepreneurs to seek financing for their adventures. Promoting collaborative innovation with the ecosystem in a constant and systematic way helps define the perimeter of innovation that affects the company’s value chain, alerting it to potential disruptions. Do not walk alone and turn companies into innovation brokers where they cannot necessarily own all the elements but initiate or facilitate useful projects for them but which they are necessarily 100% owners. Enable organizational structures, projects and a government such that innovation projects managed naturally with agile criteria (External Innovation Departments, Corporate Venturing, Managers, etc.) are not harmed. Encourage intrapreneurship in the company and treated separately from day to day as a permanent asset of a corporation Integrate innovation projects from any source within a regulated process (Prototyping, Piloting and scale) with the aim of being delivered to operations and having a real impact on the business.

Adjuntamos un breve video (1´22) de nuestro socio director Alberto Díaz. Nos recuerda cómo integrar la innovación en las corporaciones

How we can help you in the short term

From MIGRATION and with our 10 years of experience in digital transformation we can help you solve these challenges:

  1. Optimize operations through digital transformation

2. Developing organizations and talent for the digital age

3. Design and launch relevant value propositions for customers

4. Manage innovation or transformation projects

5. Detect and integrate external innovations Build a digital culture

Through our Consulting, Solutions or Counseling services.


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